Anastasios Pantzartzis

Software engineer | Ethical Hacker

About Me

I am Anastasios Pantzartzis, a Computer Scientist from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, deeply enthusiastic about software engineering, artificial intelligence, and ethical hacking. I have a solid educational background and a firm conviction in AI shaping the future. I am currently pursuing my MSc in "Technology of Interactive Systems" Collaborative by nature, my proficiency shines when working within a team, yet I am equally adept at taking independent initiatives. I tackle challenges with unwavering patience and a keen sense of curiosity.

Anastasios Pantzartzis

Some of my projects

Project One Image

Donati X

(Proprietary software | WFA)

Description: A business management software that assists in the organization of business products, payments, employee and customer information as well as business transactions.
Used Technologies: SQL Database, C#, .NET Framework
Status: Active (In Production)

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(Proprietary software | PHP Webapp)

Description: Online store that provides a unique basket every month with organically grown products
Used Technologies: MySQL Database, PHP
Status: Active (Coming Soon)

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Pera Eshop

(Proprietary software | Eshop)

Description: The Pera Eshop application is an online eshop for multiple products with variations that accepts online payments too.

Used Technologies: MySQL, Python (Django), Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap
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(Thesis project | Webapp)

Description: The APELLA ++ application is an online platform for selecting faculty members for specific positions, using artificial intelligence. In use by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Used Technologies: MySQL Python(Django), JavaScript (React)
Status: Active (Online)